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My Self Publishing Journey - And So It Begins

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed the sound of laughter – and trying to squeeze it from those around me.

I’m a stand-up comedian by trade, I’ve tried writing comics, conceived ideas for computer games, attempted the perfect sit-com, doodled a million short stories, I’ve got notepads riddled with ideas for sketches – and I’ve even had a bash at acting. But only now, at the ripe old age of 36, have I dabbled with writing a novel.

‘The City That Barks And Roars’, a mystery adventure set in a world of talking animals, is my first attempt at publishing a successful tale. Traditional publishers scoffed at the idea that readers would care for a penguin detective – so here I am, left with no choice, but to unleash my story though Amazon. And I’d love to share this experience with you, as I tread blindly through the murky marshes on my route to failure or glory!!!

It’s all new to me: blogging, websites, marketing on social media, begging/blackmailing the public to read my work, constructing juicy blurbs, whipping up a book cover, formatting, arghhhhhhh. I’m listening to you tube videos while I cook my dinner, while I change my daughters nappy, while I search for more you tube videos – in a desperate attempt to learn the business, and discover the secrets to publishing. I hope you will join me on my journey as I strive to share my peculiar characters with both youngsters and adults – anyone with an interest in crime and animals. Or sneaky chinchillas. A gangster bulldog with underlying health issues. A vulture in charge of a police force. Even a naked mole rat!! I’d even welcome your advice and support along the way – any feedback/ideas/abuse is extremely welcome and beneficial.

I will be posting excerpts from the book along the way, so you have a feel for my story and style – and so you can decide if it’s really your cup of tea. I will also post ideas for covers, style, blurbs etc - so you can watch the process unfold, and hopefully have your say. My wife’s sister is currently working on illustrations so hopefully have lots of wonderful piccies to share aswell (she is a wonderful artist which helps – not a nutter trying it for the first time that I took a gamble on…).

In my next blog I will explain how it all began and share some of my early attempts at writing. Hopefully things have improved since the comics I scribbled aged 7…:D

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